Are you looking to “Switch Insurance” companies or agencies to find cheaper and more affordable premium options for your policy (Auto, Home, or Flood)? Premier Shield Insurance can help you switch insurance companies for car, home, flood, motorcycle, renters, boat, umbrella, and more and help you lower your cost for insurance in 2021 and 2022.

The Premier Shield Insurance agency is one of the best insurance agencies to help you quickly find a better price and switch insurance companies in Texas, Ohio, Virginia, Massachusetts, South Carolina, Connecticut, New Mexico, New Hampshire, Maine, and Rhode Island.

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Switch Car Insurance

In 2021, Premier Shield Insurance agents many consumers are trying to “Switch Car Insurance providers” to save money. Car insurance inflation has been high on many consumers and after COVID-19 many automobile insurance carriers decided it would be a good idea to start “raising rates” and “increasing the cost” of car insurance for drivers.

We will work closely with you and your family to figure out what you need for coverage and help you find auto and homeowner insurance alternatives to GEICO, Progressive, Liberty Mutual, State Farm, Nationwide, Travelers, Metlife, Farmers, Foremost, Allstate, MAPFRE, AMICA, Arbella, and Safety.

When you work with independent insurance agents at Premier Shield, you get help finding a better car insurance company with a lower price. Discover “High-quality and affordable insurance coverage options are available for both “good drivers” and “bad drivers” alike.

Switch Your Car Insurance in 2 Easy Steps

Did you know you can simply request a Premier Shield auto insurance quote online in less than 2 minutes to lower your car insurance price? Compare multiple automobile insurance carrier car insurance policy offerings and shop rates easily. Once we have everything we need to start the quote we’ll go over the prices and you can see if switching auto insurance companies is a smart decision for you and your family.

  1. Step 1“: Request an online insurance quote from Premier Shield
  2. Step 2“: An agent will call you to first discuss the price and confirm the coverage options. Then the agent will go over all the details of “how to cancel” your old home or auto insurance policy. (It’s that easy).

Good Drivers Overpay for Car Insurance

Good drivers tend to have already “low auto insurance policy” costs so they may be able to save a few hundred dollars a year. The “excellent drivers” and “Good Drivers” that have had the same car insurance company for 3 years or more overpay 15-20% a year on average.

In fact, “Americans overpay for auto insurance by astronomical sums, multiple studies show. Good drivers could save an average of $417 per year by shopping around for new insurance, according to NerdWallet; and J.D. Power found that auto insurance customers could slash $356 from their annual bill by comparison shopping as of Oct 3, 2018″.

Bad Drivers Overpay for Auto Insurance

Did you know that “Bad Drivers Overpay for Auto Insurance” often in the tunes of thousands of dollars “per year” because there are not many providers of high-risk auto insurance so most high-risk drivers have GEICO, Liberty Mutual, or Progressive.

We’ve been selling auto insurance for over 8 years and we recall a time when $250 a month with a “high price for car insurance”. Now in 2021, we have personal lines auto insurance policyholders that have “expensive car insurance” policies (some even has high as $1,000 per month).


Switch Home Insurance

In Q2 2021 we’re seeing “home insurance price increases” for existing and new home policies for 2022 as well due to the rising cost of lumber, raw material, and massive inflation created by the current Federal Reserve policy and recent coronavirus stimulus package.

Consumers are seeing homeowners insurance policy premiums increase as much as 15% in certain areas. If you have a high-value home worth $500,000 to $5,000,000 you can find lower premiums when you switch homeowners insurance companies to a “Premier Shield Insurance company“.

Learn more about homeowners insurance and high net worth insurance coverage by calling an agent at 1-774-847-7746.

Switch Landlord and Rental Property Insurance

If you have a “Dwelling Fire” insurance policy you may be experiencing “price increases” for you DP-3 insurance policy, that’s where the expert property insurance agents at Premir Shield can help. We compare landlord insurance company policy premiums with multiple insurance carriers to lower your cost for your rental property. People who own homes find property insurance is far more complicated when you add a “second home or property” or “income property” to their insurance portfolio.

That’s why the expert “rental property insurance agents” at Premier Shield can help educate you and explain the different options for coverage and what will work best for your rental property.

Learn more about Rental Property & Landlord Insurance

Switch Flood Insurance

Learn about How to Change Flood Insurance with Premier Shield, a top flood insurance provider of cheap flood insurance policy options for customers in “X Zone” and other FEMA “Flood Zones” by texting or calling our flood insurance agent Brian Plain directly at 1-774-225-0599.

Switching Flood Insurance can be a difficult process and many consumers don’t fully understand you are able to find lower flood insurance policy coverage options with the help of an independent flood insurance agent that can compare your flood policy with multiple flood insurance providers to lower your annual cost for flood insurance coverage.

Premier Shield flood agents specialize in finding high-quality flood insurance coverage [BOTH Fema & Private Market Flood] and building coverage limits (Up to $3,000,000) for high-value homes in Texas, Massachusetts, South Carolina, Connecticut, New Mexico, Ohio, Virginia, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Maine. Learn more about flood insurance.