1. Reinstate Revoked Registration Massachusetts for Premier Shield Insurance Customers (See Below).
  2. Visit our new page for “Reinstate Revoked Registration Massachusetts for Non-Premier Shield Insurance Customers” for how to reinstate your GEICO, Liberty Mutual, Progressive Direct, Travelers, Esurance, Arbella, AMICA, or Hanover Insurance vehicle registration in MA.


Find Simple & Easy Ways to Reinstate Your Revoked Registration in Massachusetts with Premier Shield Insurance.

Locate an agent to help you with reinstating your revoked Massachusetts registration by calling 1-774-847-7746 for a free quote and help with your reinstatement online with a Premier Shield agent.

Reinstate Revoked Registration Massachusetts

Are you looking to “Reinstate Revoked Registration Massachusetts” Online, In-Person, or By Phone? Premier Shield Insurance can help. Reinstatement of a Revoked Registration in Massachusetts can be difficult “Over the Phone”. You can call the RMV or your existing insurance company for hours and you will get “nowhere” by calling. At Premier Shield Insurance, we’ve stepped up to help residents of Massachusetts reinstate their plates and revoked registrations online by helping them first find affordable MA car insurance coverage.


**Attention:           WE ARE UNABLE TO Reinstate your registration [If you are not an auto insurance customer of Premier Shield] You MUST Switch Insurance Companies for us to legally be able to provide you with an “insurance stamp” in Massachusetts.


If you just started a new policy, we are able to cancel it out and get a refund.

If you are not looking to switch car insurance companies or agencies, you’ll need to call your insurance company or agency directly for help getting your registration reinstated.

If you are looking to immediately get on the road and start driving today, Premier Shield Insurance auto agents can help! Text me your “Driver’s License” or “Plate Number” directly for the fastest service  1-774-460-8112. Learn more about the process of reinstating your registration below. – Brian Plain RMV Reinstatement Specialist at Premier Shield

How do I Reinstate my Registration in Massachusetts?

  1. “The first thing you need to do is text 1-774-460-8112 your MA plate number and we’ll immediately start the process.”
  2. The reinstatement process starts with an “auto insurance quote“. Then if it makes sense, we help you start an active auto insurance policy with a Premier Shield Insurance company offering you a favorable price.
  3. Once your new personal auto insurance policy is active in Massachusetts, then you typically need to take proof of insurance to the registry. However, Premier Shield Insurance agents can save you a trip to the RMV when we “Reactivate” your registration “Online” with the RMV for a $70 fee the RMV charges.


Frequently Asked Registry Reinstatement Questions

  1. Q: “How do I reinstate my MA registration online”? Call an agent by phone for immediate MA Revoked Registration Reinstatement. Assistance Online Text 1-774-460-8112
  2. Q: “Why is my registration revoked MA?” A: “The most common reason for a revoked registration is a lapse in of automobile insurance coverage. Simply getting “a new insurance policy” does not solve your revoked registration problems. The vehicle registration needs to be fixed with the RMV. If you work with an independent agent at “Premier Shield” or somewhere else, you can get things done “online” otherwise “you need to go to the registry of motor vehicles in MA” with your company’s RTA form.
  3. Q: “How much does it cost to reinstate registration in maA: “Typically you’re looking at a $70 total fee to reinstate your registration. They do charge a $20 third party fee but it’s worth it to not have to set up an appointment and go to the RMV.
  4. Q: “What does a revoked registration mean” or “What does it mean when your registration is revoked“? A: In the state of Massachusetts, when your vehicle registration is revoked it means you can’t legally drive. If you’re caught driving the police will likely tow and impound your vehicle and you may also get a ticket for driving on a revoked registration.
  5. Q: “Can I drive my car without registration in Massachusetts? A: “No, when your Massachusetts personal auto or vehicle registration is revoked it means you can’t legally drive”
  6. Q: “What happens if I get pulled over in MA with revoked registration?” A: “Police will often impound your vehicle and may or may not confiscate and destroy your MA plates.”
  7. Q“How to fix a revoked registration in Massachusetts” A: Fixing your revoked registration in MA is simple and easy and can be done immediately with a Premier Shield Insurance Agent.
  8. Q: ” What is the fee to Reinstate a revoked registration in the state of Massachusetts“? A: The Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles charges a total fee of $70 ($50 to reinstate and $20 convenience fee). Call 1-774-847-7746 to learn more about how we can help you reinstate your registration with a Premier Shield insurance company.


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