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Find low-cost “Progressive auto insurance quotes” in MA, CT, NH, RI, VA, and OH with the help of a Progressive Insurance Agent at Premier Shield Insurance.

Premier Shield & Progressive Insurance Quotes

Our agency works hard to provide drivers with cheaper and more affordable rates for car insurance through Progressive Insurance. We help you by shopping and comparing car insurance policy coverage options, premiums/rates/prices, and quotes in MassachusettsConnecticutOhioVirginiaSouth CarolinaNew MexicoNew HampshireMaineTexas, and Rhode Island.

Finding an affordable homeautobusiness, or life insurance policy in today’s age can be a very time-consuming ordeal (long hold times, long calls, & high prices). At Premier Shield Insurance, we work hard to help simplify the process of finding better rates for your insurance policies.

Shop and compare vehicle insurance coverage options and rates with an agent to find a better policy for your car insurance.

Request a car insurance quote by phone at 1-774-847-7746 or request an online auto insurance quote below we’ll be happy to reach out.

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Compare Car Insurance Companies vs Progressive Automobile Insurance Rates

Request a Premier Shield “progressive quote” for your car or truck and find lower premiums for your 2021 & 2022 car insurance policy coverage. Locate a Premier Shield Insurance “Progressive agent near me” with low-cost auto/home/flood/motorcycle/renters insurance policy options available for residents living in Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Ohio, Rhode Island, or Virginia.


In the United States, there are many automobile insurance providers (too many to list). No matter what insurance company you have for your car insurance, it’s always wise to get multiple car insurance quotes from different companies to make sure you’re receiving a “good rate” for your car insurance coverage. At Premier Shield, we’ll take a look at other insurance providers (not just Progressive) to help you find a cheaper car insurance policy.

Our vehicle insurance agency can shop policies [insurance quotes] and likely help you find lower car insurance rates if have one of the below insurance carriers for your auto policy:

  • Allstate
  • American Family
  • Amica
  • Arbella
  • Concord Group
  • CSAA Insurance Group
  • Esurance
  • Erie
  • Farmers
  • Foremost
  • Liberty Mutual
  • MAPFRE/Commerce
  • Mercury
  • Metlife
  • Norfolk & Dedham
  • Safeco
  • Safety
  • State Farm
  • National General
  • Nationwide
  • Progressive
  • Quincy Mutual
  • The General Insurance
  • The Hartford
  • Travelers
  • USAA
  • Vermont Mutual


Progressive Car/Auto Insurance Quotes by Vehicle Type

Premier Shield Insurance helps provide Progressive “lost cost” and high-quality car/truck/SUV insurance policies and coverage in MA, NH, OH, RI, CT, ME, and VA for the following vehicles.

  • “Acura Insurance Quotes”
  • “Alfa Romeo Insurance Quotes”
  • “Audi Insurance Quotes”
  • “BMW Insurance Quotes”
  • “Buick Insurance Quotes”
  • “Cadillac Insurance Quotes”
  • “Chevrolet Insurance Quotes”
  • “Chrysler Insurance Quotes”
  • “Dodge Insurance Quotes”
  • “Ford Insurance Quotes”
  • “Honda Insurance Quotes”
  • “INFINITI Insurance Quotes”
  • “Jeep Insurance Quotes”
  • “Kia Insurance Quotes”
  • “Lexus Insurance Quotes”
  • “Maserati Insurance Quotes”
  • “Mercedes-Benz Insurance Quotes”
  • “Nissan Insurance Quotes”
  • “Porsche Insurance Quotes”
  • “RAM Truck Insurance Quotes”
  • “Tesla Insurance Quotes”
  • “Toyota Insurance Quotes”
  • “Volkswagen Insurance Quotes”
Auto Insurance Quotes

Personalized auto insurance rates and quotes from Premier Shield Insurance

Vehicle Insurance Quote Service Area for Premier Shield

Find the best company for car insurance in your area with the help of an auto insurance agent at Premier Shield.

We compare different auto insurance providers’ rates and coverages to help you find the best price for your new auto insurance policy. The Premier Shield Insurance agency is licensed to offer personal insurance and affordable car insurance quotes in the following states:

How to Find Low-Cost Quotes for Your Auto Insurance Policy with Premier Shield

Our expert auto insurance agents can help you find the lowest rates and best car insurance discounts for your policy. Drivers who bundle homeowners with auto can save up to 35% off their current auto insurance rate when combining policies with the same insurance company.

Learn more about auto and home insurance bundles

Compare Auto Insurance Companies and Coverage Options with an Independent Insurance Agent

Drivers are eligible to save money when they compare auto insurance companies rates, prices, and policy coverage options with an Independent Insurance Agent at Premier Shield Insurance.

We have helped thousands of auto insurance policyholders switch insurance companies and find cheaper and more affordable automobile insurance policies.

Auto Insurance Comparison

Car insurance agents at Premier Shield help customers struggling with rising auto insurance inflation find cheaper policies in 2021 & 2022. We represent many highly-rated insurance companies and lower your rate by comparing coverage options and prices to help you find the best company for your auto policy.

Find “Free car insurance comparison” with the help of an independent insurance agent by calling 1-774-847-7746. Premier Shield can help you compare your current high prices from major auto insurance providers like Geico, Progressive, Liberty Mutual, Allstate, Travelers, USAA, and State Farm, as well as regional auto insurance like MAPFRE, Hanover, Arbella, and AMICA.

Progressive 6-Month vs. 12-Month Auto Insurance Policies

When you compare rates and prices with a Premier Shield agent you’ll find lower rates if you’ve had an active car insurance policy for at least 6 months. Auto insurance policy terms typically range between 6 months and 12 months.

For some drivers, having a 6-month auto insurance policy will make sense. When you are getting your first automobile insurance policy, you’re considered a “high risk” driver, and having a policy for only 6 months helps you by not locking you into a high rate for the full year.

After having 6 months of continued coverage you’ll be eligible for better car insurance companies with lower rates and Premier Shield agents will help you continue to find and keep low car insurance prices.

Our agents can help you answer the following common 6 or 12-month car insurance policy questions:

  • “Is it cheaper to pay insurance every 6 months”?
  • “Is it better to pay car insurance monthly or yearly”?
  • “What is a 12-month quote”?
  • “What is a 12-month insurance policy”?

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Need more information? Learn more about our agency’s personalized Progressive insurance coverage options for auto, home, flood, and small business insurance.